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Grain Fed Angus Beef


Black Angus Ground Beef

Our Ground beef brings people from all around. It is a must try to see just how much better it is compared to the supermarkets. Our ground beef is ground fresh every morning and several times throughout the day. 

85% Lean Ground Beef: $3.99/lb, 95% Lean: $4.29/lb 

Black Angus Ground Beef Patties

Our Ground Beef Patties come in many delicious flavors. All are made with our fresh ground beef!

  • 1/4lb burgers come in packs of 8 and 16
  • 1/3lb burgers come in packs of 6 and 12
  • The onion patty has real onion diced and mixed in to the burger.
  • The bacon and cheese patty has real bacon bits and high temp cheddar cheese mixed in to the burger.
  • 95% 1/4lb patties come in packs of 8
  • The 95% lean Buffalo patties come in packs of 8x  1/4lb burgers. 

Black Angus Petite Tenders

Becoming a favorite among many people, these 6 to 10 oz pieces are almost impossible to over cook. They turn out tender every time. With the flavor of a Strip and tenderness of a Filet Mignon, you cant go wrong.
Price: $9.99/lb

Black Angus Ball Tip Sirloin

A great steak for those who like theirs cooked in a special way. It is a good inexpensive steak for young eaters.
Price: $7.99/lb

Our Favorite way to cook

Black Angus New York Strip

It is like a boneless T-Bone cut from the short loin. They can be cut to your desired thickness for those with larger appetites.
Price: $12.99/lb 

Black Angus Rib-eye Steak

Cut from the Prime Rib Roast, These beauties are our favorite steaks. They are very tender the most flavorful of all steaks.
Price: $15.99/lb

Bone in Prime Rib: $13.99/lb

Boneless Prime Rib: $14.99/lb


Black Angus Beef Tenderloin/Filet Mignon

8oz $7.25ea
Whole tenderloins available 

Black Angus Porterhouse

Black Angus Porterhouse 

Cut from the "large end" of the short loin, 

16-18oz, this steak is great for those withlarge appetites. It gives you both a Strip Steak and a Filet Mignon. A great two person steak, but watch out guys, she will steal that Filet every time!

Price: $11.99/lb

Black Angus T-Bone

Cut from the "small end" of the Black Angus short loin, it is a great individual steak for filling the plate of your meat loving guests
Price: $11.49/lb

Thick Black Angus Round Steak

Great for slicing thin for fondue, jerky or stir fry. A whole piece is about 3lbs. It is Also known as London Broils.
Price: $4.99/lb

Thin Black Angus Round Steak

Works well for marinating or tenderizing. Makes a great 32 oz Swiss steak or pepper steak.
Price: $4.99/lb

Boneless Chuck Roast

A tender cut for either the crock pot or oven. Its fall apart tenderness will keep your guests wanting more
Price: $5.99/lb

our favorite way to cook

Black Angus Briskets

Perfect for someone with a slow cooker or smoker. These babies range from 12lbs to 15lbs depending on if you would like it trimmed or not.
Price: Trimmed:$6.99/lb, Untrimmed $4.99/lb

How to smoke brisket

Black Angus Sirloin Tip

A "rotisserie buffs" dream. These can be cut from 1 lb to 8lb! Great for slicing for sandwiches.
Price: $4.99/lb

Black Angus Texas Ribs/ Short Ribs

Great for the BBQ. Each rib is enough for an average eater. Approximately 4 ribs per pack weighing about 4lbs.
Price: $6.98/lb

our Favorite way to cook

Black Angus Prime Rib

The king of all roasts! It is the most flavorful and tender. Don't let that scare you. It does not take an expert to cook them!
Price: Bone In: $13.99/lb, Boneless: $14.99/lb

our favorite way to cook

Snack Sticks

Made with the finest quality meat and seasonings. Flavors (mild to hot): Mild, Teriyaki, Mild with Cheese, Spicy, Jalapeño with Cheese & Habanera. Seasonal sticks also available.
Price: $10.98/lb

Hot Dogs

Natural Casing Hot Dogs
Come in a Midwest Pride, all beef, coarse ground, and an Abbyland fine ground Pork and Beef.
Price: $5.99/lb


Black Angus Stew Meat

Cut from all our steak ends. All the way from the round to Filet Mignon
Price: $5.99/lb

Our Favorite recipe

Soup Bones & Ox Tails

Outstanding for soup. We can cut them any thickness you desire. It has a lot of tender meat and a small bone for broth. We also carry oxtails for soup.
Price: $2.98/lb ox-$6.98lb

Black Angus Sliced Beef Livers

 ... well ... it's baby beef liver.
Price: $2.99/lb

Kidney Suet

​large, natural and non pressed. It will keep the birds at home!
Price: $1.99/lb