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Wild game processing

We will no longer be taking deer with the hide on or with the bone in. We will take ONLY boneless meat. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

We will be continuing our whole line of sausages!

Discount of 5% for cash

All of our sausage is made the old fashioned way- BY HAND

Wild Game Prices:

Mild Summer Sausage $2.99/lb

- with cheddar cheese $4.59/lb

Spicy Summer Sausage $2.99/lb

-with Pepper Jack Cheese $4.59

​Jalapeño Summer Sausage $3.49/lb

Garlic Summer Sausage $2.99/lb

Skin-on Wieners $4.59/lb

Mild Beer Sticks $4.59/lb

- with cheddar cheese $5.19/lb

Spicy Beer Sticks $4.59/lb

- with Pepper Jack Cheese $5.19/lb

Ring Bologna $3.99/lb

All Bulk Sausage $2.59/lb

Italian Sausage Link $2.99/lb

Jerky $6.50/lb (finished weight)

Bratwurst Link $2.99/lb

Breakfast Sausage Link $2.99/lb

Polish Sausage Link $3.29/lb

Lean Pork$2.39/lb

Beef Trim$2.69/lb

Lean Beef $2.99/lb

Stew Meat additional $1.00/lb

Ground & wrapped Venison $1.00/lb

Moose and Elk 

$1.00/lb (Must be brought in boneless and skinless. 

​Minimum charge $70.00)

Ps We are very strict with our trim. we will not take anything in a scented trash bag. We will not take anything with air left on it. We will not take anything freezer burned. This is not a place to unload you junk meat. You will be turned away.